Affordable Tuition

Under $8,000 for Master of Education tuition

American College of Education offers some of the most affordable online graduate programs available to educators and other working professionals. With the online format, ACE is able to provide high-quality, relevant instruction at an affordable cost and pass the savings on to students.

Program type: Tuition per semester credit hour:
Master's level degrees & certificates $215
Specialist & doctoral level degrees & certificates $304.75

Master of Education tuition comparison

Compare the value of American College of Education to some other common choices.

Total tuition cost comparison for complete M.Ed. degree program

This graphic shows that ACE tuition is often one-third the cost of our competitors.

Important tuition information

The ACE Tuition Promise

Tuition will remain the same for all students in good standing who are continuously enrolled in a degree program for its duration.

Right to change tuition

American College of Education reserves the right to adjust tuition and fees at any time with prior notice to current students. Students leaving the College and later returning will be charged the tuition and fees in effect at the time of the return.

Visit the Bursar's Office

The Bursar's Office is available to assist you with managing your financial relationship with the college.