Producing Strong Educators Through Partnerships

Together we will improve our communities

There's no mistaking the education crisis facing the United States and its impact on our students' ability to compete globally. The solution is strong educators; Educators who develop Common Core math and literacy skills while respecting students’ learning styles. Educators who spark curiosity and fascination in how things are made and how they work in science, technology, and other areas. Educators who communicate effectively with non-English-speaking students and parents. Educators who are effective classroom managers and who build a positive culture of learning in their classrooms. And educators who leverage technology to reach today’s digitally savvy students.

Beyond the classroom, our communities require strong leaders who are well-versed in current leadership research and who understand how technology can facilitate collaboration and streamline processes in order to solve the complex issues facing today's schools, businesses, and organizations.

American College of Education partners with groups motivated to improve the quality of education and leadership, including educational service organizations, professional teaching organizations, and individual schools and districts that make ACE their official provider of online learning. Through these affiliations, teachers receive the latest research-based curriculum and training programs as well as scholarships and other incentives.

Current partners include:

To find out more about collaborating with American College of Education, contact our educational partnership group at 1-800-280-0307.